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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

We work with entrepreneurs, emerging talent and senior leadership in a collaborative way to improve business performance, retain and develop key staff and improve leadership effectiveness

How we Work

1. Initial Meeting

We meet with you to understand what your aims are for bringing coaching into your organisation and explain our methodology. Our goal is to make sure we are aligned in terms of outcomes and you fully understand how we work.

2. Chemistry Meeting

We meet with the coachee to understand their overall aims, answer any questions about how we work and what coaching is and see if we can work together. Partnership is a key ingredient in any coaching relationship and this meeting is critical to success.

3. Initial Session

In this session, we will establish the coachee's goals as well as agree our working partnership. Additionally, we will make sure there is agreement with both coachee and manager (if applicable) on overall goals and confidentiality on the coaching sessions.

4. Coaching

We work with the coachee on agreed goals, in line with our established partnership agreement. Through the sessions, we help the coachee to find their own best answers through raising awareness, perspective and working through any blocks that may appear.

5. Wrap Up

Our final session is key and allows time for reflection and solidifies key learnings. This session also sets up how any changes will be implemented. Often, it is highly beneficial to include the coachee's manager (if applicable) to share outcomes.

6. Feedback

We want to make sure we continuously improve and deliver measurable outcomes so, after each programme concludes, we will look for feedback from all parties.