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My Story

Professional Background

I co-founded Top Tier Recruitment in January 2016. We work exclusively in FinTech, Blockchain and Financial Services industries working on and with Finance and Technology roles and candidates. We pride ourselves on our delivery commitment and always provide the highest level of service to both our candidates and clients. We are always open to help and assist both our candidates and clients with hiring advice and cv consultation where required.


Prior to establishing TTR, I enjoyed a 9-year career with Bank of Ireland helping customers with all lending requirements in personal, business and mortgage loans as well as providing a thorough Financial Planning service. I was appointed Branch Manager in November 2013 and added various skills including, people and sales management, business development and planning from a day to day and strategic perspective.  I opened, which was at the time, a brand-new concept branch, unlike any other branches, it is there to support the SME and start-up community with a free work bench and event spaces.


Having always loved helping people achieve their dream role, I recently completed a coaching skills course which was spread over five months and involved 135 training hours. The idea was to add coaching to our overall service offering and having experienced the transformative power of coaching first-hand and completing the course, we launched Possible Coaching.

My Coaching Philosophy

One of my own core values is security. I firmly believe that unless a secure environment is established for my clients, I will not be able to challenge. Creating this environment was key for my own personal development and journey. Once a secure environment is established, our journey will begin, and you will be 100% certain that whatever you wish to bring will be judgment free and strictly confidential.


I believe that in order to grow and stretch we need to be challenged. I will do that with you in a way that you are comfortable but will never push you unless you ask for that specifically. My questions are all about raising awareness for you. Once you are aware of a certain action or behaviour you possess that no longer serves you, you are in a powerful position to change it.

In between sessions is an excellent time for you, as the client, to take on board any actions you committed to in our previous sessions, allowing you accelerate awareness of self-behaviours and to process in general.


All I ask for from clients is that they come and be as open and as honest as possible. I believe this accelerates the process of change and progression towards goals.


I take my role as a coach very seriously and am committed to continuous professional development and following the highest possible ethical standards.

What can you Expect in Sessions?

When we are establishing a working relationship, we begin with a contracting session. This session allows me understand how you like to work and what generally motivates and demotivates you. We will also discuss in detail your overarching goal followed by smaller goals/steps we need to take to get there.


Following our initial session, each session thereafter is different and will depend on where you are at that point in time but all sessions will have an established focus or area you wish to discuss and outcome or what you want to leave the session with.

During the sessions, you will be doing most of the work. Coaching is not therapy and it is not mentoring as often mistaken for. You, my client, have your own best answers and my goal is to help you find them. The fact is when it comes directly from you means it is far more powerful. The coach is responsible for maintaining the focus in line with the outcome, but it is not uncommon for the focus to shift and change during sessions. If I feel this has happened, I will ask you and ask if this new focus is where we need to place our attention. You set the agenda; I simply help guide you.


It is common for emotion to come up during sessions also as new awareness is raised. This is completely natural and normal.


Towards the end of each session, you may wish to take on some actions in between your next session. Actions vary greatly but can be simply thinking and processing what comes up in the present session or they can involve taking on something tangible.


Each session goal is for you to leave with something of value bringing you closer to where you want to get to.