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Life Coaching

Time for you

Sometimes life gets in the way. Working with us, we will help you raise awareness and give you perspective on where you are, where you are going and where you want to get to

How we Work

1. Chemistry Meeting

Call or email us to arrange a Chemistry Meeting. This is where we meet or arrange a video call for us to understand your aims, answer any questions and establish if we can work effectively together. We will also discuss pricing and logistics. There is never a charge for a Chemistry Meeting.

2. Initial Session

This session sets the scene for the overall programme. We spend time getting to understand you, how you work, how you think, your values, etc. so we can agree on how we can best help you to achieve your objectives.

3. Coaching

Over our agreed number of sessions, we help you by raising awareness, creating perspective and challenging your thinking. This allows you to clarify and understand what is going on and help you make changes or achieve your goals.

4. Wrap Up

In our last session, we look back at where you are now from where we started. We take time to acknowledge new learning, changes made and where you go next.