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My Story

Professional Background

After graduating in 2005 with a B.Comm. from UCD, I moved into restaurant management. I had worked in restaurants during college and it was something I enjoyed. I like the interaction with customers and the buzz of a busy service. In 2007, I shifted gears into recruitment. I felt I needed to do something with my degree and finance recruitment seemed to combine a little of the theory of what I learned with the people aspect of recruitment.


One year into it, September 2008 came around and the financial crisis hit hard. I recruited for global banks that no longer exist and Irish financial institutions that are now a distant memory. From my first year, in the busiest recruitment market I have ever experienced, to my second year (or more) I saw both the dizzy highs and the deep lows of recruitment but, worked through it.


When things started to pick up in 2010, I took the opportunity where I was to progress and earned a number of promotions in quick succession moving back into people management.


I was always interested in internal recruitment and wanted to experience a larger organisation, so I decided to move into a large, global, fund business. I started on a contract and, after c. 9 months, was asked to move to Krakow to manage recruitment for the company’s fastest growing location globally. I took the opportunity although it meant moving away from home.


It was an eye opener in terms of working within a completely different culture and working at a more senior level within a global company. I learned a lot and when I came back to Dublin, I retained Poland and added Ireland to my responsibilities along with several smaller sites in EMEA ultimately having responsibility for c. 60% of recruitment across the region with a team of 15.


The pull back to external recruitment was too strong though and, having been asked, I moved back to my former employer in a new role as COO. One year on, myself and my wife decided that we wanted to open our own recruitment consultancy and established Top Tier Recruitment in 2016. We wanted to focus on a small number of roles and clients at a time so we could offer the best possible service and be able to take the time to attract the best available talent. We were, and still are, committed to growing the business but slowly and always with the aim of maintaining that client focus and now employ three others who are as committed to maintain that high service level.


In 2019, I undertook a coaching skills course which was spread over five months and 135 training hours. The idea was to add coaching to our overall service offering and having experienced the transformative power of coaching first-hand and completing the course, I launched Possible Coaching.

My Coaching Philosophy

My philosophy is based on my own experience of being coached and coaching. It is what I believe works best to create lasting and fundamental change.

I like to create a lot of trust and safety for clients. I believe this creates an environment where you are comfortable to really explore changes, blocks and achieve goals at a very fundamental level.

My style is ‘clean’. I don’t rely on tools, unless needed, and focus on being there with my clients 100%. I offer observations, am curious about words, phrases, body language and what is not being said and challenge respectfully. This helps my clients raise their own awareness around situations, goals and challenges and offers more perspective. I never rush, I try not to make any assumptions and believe that my clients are fully capable of coming up with their own best answers.

A key component in coaching, I believe, is the time in between sessions and what clients do with the new awareness and perspective. This is the time where a lot of the work is done and thinking and actions really enable change.

All I ask for from clients is that they come and be as open and as honest as possible. I believe this accelerates the process of change and progression toward goals.

I respect the confidentiality of sessions and feel privileged that clients feel comfortable to work on very private aspects of their lives with me.

I take my role as a coach very seriously and am committed to continuous professional development and following the highest possible ethical standards.

What can you Expect in Sessions?

Each session is different and will depend on where you are at that point in time but all sessions will have an established focus and outcome. The focus is the particular area, goal, block, decision etc. that you want to explore and the outcome is what you would ultimately like to leave the session with.

Exploring what the focus is can take time. Often, a particular challenge or goal is linked to something else but figuring this out helps to get to what is really going on at a deeper level. Once you are clear on the focus, we will work on understanding what outcome you would like to leave the session with. This can really range from having a better understanding of something to a tangible plan or roadmap but it is all driven by you.

During the sessions, you will be doing most of the work. One of the common misconceptions of coaching is that the coach advises or directs. This is not the case. You have your own best answers and my goal is to help you find them. I do this by reflecting what I see, hear and feel and remaining curious about what is going on for you. I am responsible for maintaining the focus in line with the outcome but it is not uncommon for the focus to shift and change during sessions. If I feel this has happened, I will ask you and also ask if this new focus is where we need to place our attention. You set the agenda, I simply help guide you.

It is common for emotion to come up during sessions also as new awareness is raised. This is completely natural and normal.

At the end of each session, you will set out actions to be taken, by you, in between sessions. These are the only things I record and it is often, where the next session starts from. Actions can be anything from committing to thinking about something in between sessions or to taking specific and more tangible actions.

The overall objective is that you leave each session with value whether that is a new awareness or something more tangible.