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Episode 4 - David O'Grady - Leadership & Talent Development, North Europe Region, 3M

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

In this week's episode, Paul is joined by David O'Grady. David supports Learning & Development across 3M North Europe Region. 3M recently acquired KCI where David was responsible for starting and expanding their internal coaching programme.

In this episode, we discuss areas including:

  • How to 'sell' coaching internally to senior stakeholders

  • Measuring the success of coaching internally

  • Managing conflict between your role as coach and your day job

You can have a listen here:

What we covered:

1:20: David's background

2:35: How and why David implemented the coaching programme within KCI

5:40: How do you 'sell' coaching to senior leadership?

7:10: Measuring the impact of managerial coaching

9:00: The impact of small steps

9:35: Gathering feedback from a pilot coaching programme and building on that

12:25: Looking at the intangible impact of coaching

13:40: How important is word of mouth in expanding an internal coaching programme and what else is importnat?

15:45: Having flexability in how you offer coaching internally

16:55: Flexability and trust leading to a wider audience

17:45: Managing conflict between your role as coach and your 'day job'

20:15: Managing boundries in an internal coaching session

21:15: Does being part of a global company help when coaching internally?

22:55: Coaching virtually

24:55: The impact of coaching outside of coaching sessions

26:00: What one (or three!) piece of advice would you give someone looking to set up or refine an internal coaching programme?

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