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What is Coaching for Professionals?

Professional coaching can be a blend of Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Executive Coaching but is driven by your own goals. 

We specialise in helping professionals in all aspects of their life - personal, professional and beyond. People come to coaching because they:

  • Feel 'stuck'

  • Want to reach their full potential

  • Want to make significant and lasting change

  • Want more balance in their life

  • Have identified a particular goal they want to achieve

  • Seek to have 'better' relationships

The goal or focus of the coaching is self directed - it comes from you - and our role is to help you toward this goal or focus. We do this by providing a supportive yet challenging environment which raises additional awareness and perspective helping you to make decisions and commit to actions that are right for you. 

Life Coaching

Benefits of

Professional Coaching

Being a mix of Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Executive Coaching, there are a range of potential benefits to Professional Coaching. The main benefit we hear through feedback is that it gives you the time and space to think and make decisions that are right for you.

It is important to note, you will come up with your own decisions and actions. The coaches role is to help you through this process by creating awareness and perspective. This allows you to find your own answers that are right for you at a given point in time.

Some other benefits include:

  • Raised self awareness long term

  • Time and space for you

  • A sense of ownership over your life again

  • Being able to move past 'blocks' or unblocking of a 'stuck' feeling

  • Better relationships 

  • A greater sense of self

  • Real, tangible progress toward goals and clarity on what they should be

Paul Smyth

Paul is a qualified professional coach and entrepreneur who has worked in large multinationals and specialist recruitment consultancies before establishing his own business.

As a coach, Paul believes in creating a supportive environment where he can challenge effectively. This offers the opportunity for growth, raised awareness and confidence in decisions.

Paul works with a range of processionals from all industry backgrounds who want to make changes in their lives. 

Contact Paul:

  • LinkedIn
Paul Smyth

Laura Smyth

Laura is an ICF qualified coach who enjoyed a successful career in banking before co-founding her own recruitment business in January 2016. Laura recruits Technology candidates across all levels.

Laura is a passionate people person who thrives in helping people find their career direction. Laura believes that in order to grow and stretch we need to be challenged. She does that in a way that makes her clients comfortable and her questions are all about raising awareness for the client. Once you are aware of a certain action or behaviour you possess that no longer serves you, you are in a powerful position to change it.

Laura works with many professionals who are looking to make a change in their work of personal life.

Contact Laura:

  • LinkedIn
Laura Smyth
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