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Best laid plans of Career and Life often go awry….

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Who ever knew that Life Coaching and Career Coaching could become one in the

Career Coaching and Life Coaching

same? I wonder could Executive Coaching be put in the mix also!?

Ever have a plan that you didn’t stick to? In life, in your career, in any other area? Ever feel like you are going around in circles, stuck in the same cycle of events, not quite achieving what you wanted to achieve?

The point is, there is, more often than not, fundamental reasons for these things happening. These fundamental reasons are likely to impact widely across all facets of your life – career, relationships, family, hobbies, personal development, health, etc. because these fundamental reasons are to do with you as a person. While external factors can play a part, sorting out what is really going on with you is key to success.

If I think about career coaching in particular, clients I have worked with have typically come to me because of my experience in recruitment. It makes sense, my career since 2007 has been centred around recruitment. Do I know what a good CV looks like, can I help with your LinkedIn, will completing an interview prep session help you, can I show you the mechanics of a job search? Yes, yes, yes, yes and more.

I know, absolutely, how to help people get jobs. It has been my bread and butter for years.


· Why do people come to me for career coaching if they have not worked in Financial Services / FinTech in Ireland? That is outside of my specific domain of deep experience in recruitment.

· Why, in my experience, do we spend less time on CVs and LinkedIn profiles that you might expect? Surely career coaching is all about these functional, practical, tools?

· Why do most clients who have come to me initially looking to change job actually stay in their current role?

It makes no sense!? Or, does it?

For me, I am working with a person, in their entirety. In the system within which they live and operate. This can absolutely include practical advice and guidance on the mechanics of a career change or job search but more often, it is about figuring out what has been holding you back and what we can do to start to move forward again.

This is where the lines and ‘types’ of coaching get blurred but where the real, impactful work is done. Working on areas like confidence, self esteem, self image, values, self actualisation, motivation, self worth, etc. These are the fundamental building blocks that will possibly unlock that forward momentum in your career but, in all other aspects of your life. In its entirety. How much more valuable is that?

Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching

The ripple effect of working right at the core of you is transformational.

Get in touch with Paul if you are curious to find out more....

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