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Episode 3 - Orla Scott - Founder, & Former Head of HR Management, Pioneer Investments

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

In this week's episode, Paul is joined by Orla Scott. Orla founded her coaching, training and coach supervision practice, after a career in HR Leadership roles within Financial Services. Orla was instrumental in bringing coaching into Pioneer Investments and shares her experiences in this episode.

We cover areas including why and how to bring coaching into an organisation, multiparty contracting and the importance of supervision for internal coaches in particular.

You can have a listen here:

What we covered:

1:10 - Orla's background and where her interest in coaching came from and the value of coaching for an organisation

2:45 - The sustainability of change through coaching

3:20 - Development of the Internal Coaching within Pioneer Asset Management

5:25 - Positioning coaching internally to leaders and management

7:10 - Evaluation of coaching

7:35 - Multi Party Internal Contracting beyond a tri party meeting

9:10 - Structural contracting within an organisation and clarity of purpose

10:45 - How should coaching be positioned and make sure that it is viewed in the right way

13:30 - The importance of trust within an organisation

15:05 - 'Trust over Policy' and splitting your role as coach and your other role

16:40 - How breaking confidentiality can seriously damage a coaching programme

17:25 - The importance of coaching supervision for an internal coach

19:15 - Big Picture - Where is coaching in Ireland right now and where is it going?

22:05 - One (or two!) piece of advice for someone who is looking to start or refine an internal coaching programme

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