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Episode 5 - Andrea Dermody, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Ex Senior HR Leader State Street

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

In this week's episode, Paul is joined by Andrea Dermody. Andrea is a Diversity & Inclusion consultant who held a number of senior leadership roles within the broad HR function within State Street .

In this episode, we discuss areas including:

  • Why bring coaching into an organisation

  • Aligning coaching to strategy

  • What to think about when bringing in external executive coaches

You can have a listen here:

What we covered:

1:15: Andrea's background

2:25: Where the coaching conversation started internally and Andrea's remit

3:25: Where coaching fit into management development

5:10: The importance of listening

5:45: Listening and coaching within the Inclusion & Diversity world

7:45: What is the business challenge and where does coaching fit?

9:00: Bringing in coaching - you've got to start with the why!

10:50: How do you 'sell' coaching to senior leadership?

12:35: How do you convince middle management to buy into coaching?

13:20: How do you manage perception around coaching?

15:30: Clarity around what executive coaching is used for (and not used for!) and where it fits as part of other interventions

18:50: How do you select and validate the work of an external coach?

20:40: Creating a cohort of external executive coaches

23:00: The external coaching market and how it has changed over the years

26:30: What are the benefits you could expect to see through setting up an external coaching programme?

28:10: Benefits of creating a coaching culture

28:40: How executive coaching enhances high potentials

30:00: Coaching grows leaders

31:20: Assuming positive intent to resolve or avoid conflict

32:45: What is the one most important piece of advice you would give to someone when it comes to setting up or refining and internal coaching programme?

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