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Episode 6 - Kim Holmes - Change Manager & Internal Coach

In this episode, Paul speaks with Kim Holmes, a change manager and, internal coach based in South Africa. 

Kim came to coaching as part of an initial cohort of coaches who were trained within her organisation to expand coaching internally. 

Kim talks us through:

  • How she has managed the boundaries between her day job as a change manager with her role as coached

  • How her role has coach as morphed and changed over time

  • And, how executive sponsorship and patience is key to developing coaching internally

You can have a listen here:

What we covered:

1:35 - Kim's Background - from Mentoring to Coaching

2:40 - Why train as a coach?

3:05 - Managing the day job and coaching, and, how Kim's coaching role has evolved

4:50 - Moving from 1:1 sessions into systemic team coaching internally

5:25 - Managing boundries internally within the coaching relationship

7:25 - How coaching becomes 'accepted' within an organisation

8:40 - Where does coaching 'sit' within the organisation & where internal coaches come from within the business

9:25 - Managing conflict (time and confidentiality) when coaching internally

11:00 - Extreme confidentialy internally and being part of a system when coaching internally

12:30 - Does being part of an organisation cause a barrier to effective coaching internally?

13:20 - How did coaching become an integral part of the organisation and how is success measured?

15:30 - Coaching in South Africa in general

16:35 - What is the one piece of advice for someone looking to set up or refine an internal coaching programme?

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