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Top Tips for Setting Up, Expanding or Refining an Internal Coaching Programme!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

As we take a short break from interviews - more to come though! - we look back at our first five episodes and bring you a summary of answers to our final question:

"What one piece of advice would you give to someone setting up, expanding or refining an internal coaching programme?"

The three common themes our guests spoke about are:

  1. Take your time. Think about what purpose coaching will serve in your organisation. What is the business question you are trying to answer with coaching. Really, there needs to be a need and a business case for bringing coaching into the organisation whether internal or external.

  2. Trust, confidentiality and support are really important. Think about how you set up for success in this regard and how you set and communicate standards. This will help you build senior leadership support, particularly in the early days?

  3. Stay true to your professional beliefs when it comes to coaching. Accept it will take time to truly bring coaching into your business and, have fun.

One other to think about - Just Do It!

What is really stopping you? Sometimes we can build things up in our head that make it unwieldy or overly complex. Sometimes, something seems so huge that it is impossible. Sometimes, these are just excuses for something else. Be curious about that, get support, speak with us or others you know who have been there.

Good luck!

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