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What advice would you give someone else?

Perspective is one of the great things you get from coaching in any form. The opportunity to see something from a different angle can help you see whatever dilemma you are facing in a whole new way. It can lead to insight and create more questions as you move forward but it allows a potential blockage around a decision in particular to be freed.

It is deceptively simple. Imagine a scenario where you are in a coaching conversation. You want to focus on shifting your mindset around something. Maybe, you are in a rush to get something done or achieve a goal you have set. Through the conversation, your coach reflects what they see and it sounds like there is a part of you that wants to hit your goal yet another part that needs to be heard telling you to slow down a bit.

This may see a bit abstract but it is extremely common. We are all the sum of different parts after all. Full of internal conflicts. It can be between your head and your heart, your gut may want a say or it could be different parts of the same part!!!! No wonder overwhelm is so common!

So you have this idea, sitting there in your coaching session, that there are two parts of you in conflict almost. It makes sense, it resonates with you. The question now becomes, so now that we know this, what do you want to do?

Often, this is a sticking point. Something is holding you back but you need to figure this out before moving forward.

So, what advice would you give someone else in the same situation?

Amazing how quickly you will come up with the answer. Somehow, removing yourself from the equation helps to focus in on what matters and taps into a pool of wisdom that you couldn’t quite see before.

Here’s what I think, and what I see commonly, it’s easier to be kind to others and give great advice that it is to be kind to yourself and hear what you are telling yourself.

The next time you are stuck, try to lay out what is going on for you. Try to see the different parts of you that are in conflict or that need to be heard. Ask yourself, what advice would you give to a friend, family member or even a stranger going through the same thing. This may just be the shift in perspective you need to implement a change, make a decision, or whatever else and move your past it and forward.

A word of warning though, what may come up is a question around why you can’t give yourself or accept your own good advice in the first place. That can be a tricky place to be but one that is so worth exploring. Imagine if you could crack that nut – you might just be able to move through these times in your life with much less stress in the future….. what would the value of that be for you?

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