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What positives will you take from Covid 19?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

As we walk along the various trails in the Phoenix Park, it is impossible to ignore the thriving eco-system - the singing birds, the buzzing bees, the herds of deer – it is like a scene from a Disney classic. There really is something magical about spending so much time with nature and this is not something I have done since I was a child. The daily long walks in the park, the slower pace of life, the excitement of seeing a loved one for the first time in months – is this all we really need? Let us be real – the euphoria we find ourselves in is supported heavily by the incredible weather and vitamin D overload we have been blessed with.

I have never felt happier despite transforming from a blonde to brunette (the roots are taking over), having less clothes, no makeup – I have no real desire for new material possessions besides comfortable trainers and walking clothes and more pyjamas which have become my work attire. I have acquired a genuine contentment for life. We had a personal misfortune recently and in normal life, it would have been so much harder to deal with but having the space and time to deal with things has been a blessing. We are thought to deal with things or feel a certain way but this time we had the opportunity to feel what we felt and not what we were “supposed to”.

How did life look pre-covid? We worked in the city and went out at least twice per week – silly as it may sound but choosing a restaurant to eat in (first world problems, I know) was not without stress. Working and living in a fast paced environment is stressful regardless of what you are doing and even having fun can be stressful – what to wear, where to eat, who to see – rush, rush, rush = stress, stress, stress…

What will I be taking forward? I will definitely work from home more and enjoy the slower pace of living. I will continue to explore the abundance of nature that surrounds me. I will remind myself of how lucky I am to have who I have in my life and that life is not about having the biggest house, car, or designer items but to enjoy what is around me. Fluffy as it may sound, happiness is within and is not found in that Louis Vuitton bag I have my eye on.

What will you take forward?

This blog was written by Laura

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