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Outplacement Dublin

Outplacement Services

Possible Coaching was founded to support companies and professionals in reaching their potential, whatever that may be. We understand that changes happen within organisations and supporting colleagues impacted by these changes is important for many reasons.


Our Outplacement programme is designed to be flexible where we offer a fully customisable programme to fit your budget and specific requirements of those using our services. Uniquely, our services are delivered by professionally qualified coaches who have deep expertise and experience in recruitment. This allows us to offer both directive and non directive services depending on the needs of the impacted colleague.


This approach ensures a professional approach, measurable results and a feeling of real and tailored support.

We will work on an individual basis to understand the unique needs of each client and agree a programme which can cover a mix of the below eight areas:

Career Planning

CV Preparation

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Job Search Strategies

Interview Preperation

Career Change Coaching

Resilience Coaching

Brand & Network Strategies

Example Programme

Below is the outline of a tailored programme we ran with a client and we can work with you to facilitate a bespoke package of 1:1, group or a blended sessions:

Our package will be tailored to your specific needs whether that be focused on building a great CV and LinkedIn profile or taking the time to consider your longer term career objectives and creating a plan to achieve these.


To do this, we will have an initial conversation / Zoom meeting (30-45 minutes) to discuss your goals and objectives and, together, design a programme that works for you.


After this is agreed, we will have three 90 minute sessions within a period of three months to ensure we maintain momentum toward your goals.


All sessions will be completed over Zoom, Skype or MS Teams. If this is not possible, we can facilitate over the phone.

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